How do I buy beats from your website?

After listening to the beats, click on the box next to the lease option you want to purchase for the beat(s). After making your selection(s), click on the “Buy Now”. You will be re-directed to the Paypal secure check out page to make your payment. Note: You do not need to have a Paypal Account to make a payment.

***You MUST enter the email address for the beat(s) to be sent to when entering your payment information. (StaggGz.com IS NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU ENTER THE INCORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS)

How will I receive my beat(s) after I make my payment?

After payment has been successfully made and confirmed by Paypal, you will automatically receive an order confirmation e-mail with all the relevant download links to the beat(s) you’ve purchased to the email address you've submitted on the payment page. (StaggGz.com IS NOT RESPONSIBLE IF YOU ENTER THE INCORRECT EMAIL ADDRESS)

Beat(s) will be in digital download sampled in MP3 format.

I do not see the order confirmation with download link in my inbox, what should I do?

If you do not see the confirmation email in your inbox, please check your spam/junk mail. If the confirmation is not in your spam/junk mail please email our support department at customersupport@stagggz.com and include your Paypal order/payment confirmation number.

How can I purchase exclusive rights to a beat from your site?

Click here to email inquiries about purchasing Exclusive Rights to beat(s) on this site.
How can I use the beat(s) that I purchase from StaggGz.com?

-After you’ve purchased a lease for the beat(s), you can make one (1) derivative of the music by recording your vocals over the beat(s) and sell that recording for a profit. (See Lease agreement for more details)

-You can post your song (derivative work) on your personal website, SoundClick, SoundCloud, MySpace, DatPiff or any type website where people can listen to and download the song for free.

-You can use the beat(s) in your Youtube video as background music.

-you can burn the beat(s) on the cd for listening and free-styling purposes.

-You can use your derivative work for one (1) commercial recording use for non-profit or for profit on cd, mixtape, on-line, etc. (See Lease agreement for limitations)

-Producer MUST be credited on ALL USE of the beat(s). Even on the derivative work, videos, print, etc.

Can I sell as many copies of my derivative as I want?

No. There is a limit to the amount of copies you can make and sell. (See Lease Agreement for more details)
I have reached the allotted sales in the lease agreement. What should I do to be able to sell more of my derivative work?

Go to "Home Page" and purchase a new lease for the beat(s)
Can I cancel my beat(s) order?

No. There is no way to cancel orders. Purchases of beat(s) from StaggGz.com are an instant transaction for digital download. Once you complete the payment process, you will instantly be sent an email with the digital download and any documents pertaining to your purchase.

Can I return a beat that I purchased from your site?

No. All sales are final.
After I purchase a beat, will it be removed from your site?

No. When Lease (Non-Exclusive Rights) to a beat is brought from the site, it will remain on the site for additional purchase by others. When an Exclusive Rights to a beat is brought from the site, it will remain on the site; however it will NOT be available for purchase by other. (Note: StaggGz reserve the right to distribute and display any beat on this site)

Do I need to give credit on my derivative work?

Yes. You must give Producer credit on ALL use of beats from StaggGz.com.

Production credit must be given in one of the following formats:

      -“Produced by D. T. S. of StaggGz.com”
      -“Beats by D.T.S. of StaggGz.com”
      -“Original Music by D.T. S. of StaggGz.com”

Can I receive a free beat from your site?

Yes. You will have to sign up for our mailing list to receive a free beat. Once sign-up is complete you will instantly receive an e-mail with your free beat download and all pertaining documents.
What rights do I get with the free beat(s)?

Free beat(s) do not come with leasing rights. They can only be used on non-commercial and non-profit projects. Such as non-commercial / non-profit mixtapes, cds, Youtube videos, demos, auditions, etc.

Production credit must be given in one of the following formats:

      -“Produced by D. T. S. of StaggGz.com”
      -“Beats by D.T.S. of StaggGz.com”
      -“Original Music by D.T. S. of StaggGz.com”

If you want to use the beat(s) for commercial use, you will have to purchase a Lease for the beat(s).

What are the restrictions with the beat(s) I purchase from your site?

-You cannot resell, distribute or perform using the beat(s) without a derivative work (without adding vocals over the beat).

-You cannot transfer, resell or re-license or assign the beat(s) as is or the beat(s) license to another party.

-You cannot claim ownership of the beat(s). D. T. S. of StaggGz.com is the copyright owner of all beats on this site.

-You cannot use beat(s) in full or in part without giving Producer credit in one of the following formats:

      -“Produced by D. T. S. of StaggGz.com”
      -“Beats by D.T.S. of StaggGz.com”
      -“Original Music by D.T. S. of StaggGz.com”

What is the difference between you Non-Exclusive License and your Exclusive License?

Go to the “Rights” page on this sit to compare the differences.
Do you make custom beats?

Yes. Custom beats are made for those who want a beat made from scratch. We will work with you on the beat so it can be made for your preference. Custom beats fall under the Exclusive Rights agreement.

Custom beats require a 50% deposit to get started. You will receive a link to paypal.com to pay the deposit to start production.

Click here to email inquiries about Custom Beats.
Do I need to clear samples used in a beat?

Yes. Normally StaggGz.com does not sample beats. But there are instances when custom beats are made with samples (by the request of the client).

In cases, when samples are used, you need to get permission to duplicate, distribute, etc. the derivative for use in commercial environment.

How can I contact you?

-For general inquires you can contact using the form on the "Contact Page" on this site.

-For inquires on Exclusive Rights and Custom beats you, can click here to send us an email.

-For inquires on your order, you can click here to send us an email.


StaggGz.com cannot be held responsible for damage to any equipment, hardware or software arising from the use of any sounds or any type of data files downloaded from our website.

Playing sounds at excessive volumes may cause damage to hearing and equipment.

We recommend that members and visitors run a scan on all files downloaded onto their computers and backup your hard drive on a regular basis.

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